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MINCE Tower III → Customer

At first glance there seems little you can do about Tower III, your Customer. Is it not a fact that the maturity indicator induced by your customer is out of your influential sphere?

To be honoust it is obviously not always easy to change anything about the maturity influence your customer induces. It is however not impossible to influence just that. Why should you accept the laisser-faire attitude of a 'low level-customer'? If you go into business with customers that have accomplished little or no maturity themselves, this will influence your business in a negative way.

So perhaps you should try to avoid such customers and instead focus on finding others with a fair idea about a quality relationship between (service) provider and customer organization.

If your organization is aiming to provide quality solutions and/or quality products, you should aim to produce these for the clientèle base able to make proper use of them. You should not avoid injecting quality into your customer base and stimulating them to absorb it. If they make serious attempts to adopt these invitations, both you and your customer will benefit, since quality radiates reliability and durability – both of which are aspects that any organization will want to display.

If you succeed into moving up to the level of higher quality organizations, if you are indeed able to improve the quality of your businesss chain, this will immediately contrbute to your business success in both the short and long term. If succesful it will also make it easier for your organization to search for new high quality customers to add to your business chain.

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