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Uit MINCE Organizational Maturity Model
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As soon as the organization starts using the MINCE maturity toolset, management will gain in an insight into:

  • maturity of the organization;
  • skills of the staff;
  • abilities of the organization's customer chain;
  • effectiveness of the organization's projects;
  • ways in which the organization benefits from past lessons learned; and
  • ability to adapt to change.

On the basis of these insights, the organization will have the ability to improve as required and will be able to:

  • rapidly adapt to environment (market) developments;
  • provide people with the training required to sharpen their skills and enthusiasm;
  • identify customer-related difficulties and perhaps do something about them;
  • improve the way changes are implemented, so that such changes will become more effective;
  • ensure that mistakes are only made once and learn lessons from these; and
  • develop a more flexible organization, ready to deal with changes that occur.

And at the same time:

  • the investment can be as high or as little as you are willing to accept;
  • outcomes can be rapidly available;
  • findings can be identified over a period of time indicating the trend;
  • measurement is made extremely easy;
  • if preferred, measurements can be repeated as often and as thorough as the organization chooses; and
  • respondents need not be in a particular function – anyone may provide the required input.