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MINCE Tower IV → Realization

No matter how much effort you put into your People, Methods & Techniques and Customer chain, if you fail to execute your project oriented tasks, one of which is implementing changes into your organization, little good will from it. Tower IV is about the way you execute the operations and projects in your organization. Obviously, one of the most important project oriented tasks in relation to MINCE is improving your own organization.

Examples of such MINCE related project oriented tasks are not difficult to find. Changing a production line, so that the quality of the product improves. Training your staff in order to improve the way they implement your products on behalf of your customers. Developing an entirely new service that your organization will offer to a niche market. Enhancing the image of your organization via carefully selected printed media in combination with an eye-catching series of advertisements.

In this respect it is important to keep in mind that Realization is exclusively about project oriented activities. What is considered project oriented? Project oriented is the implementation of a predetermined change result, during a predefined period of time, against a budget made available for the purpose, using a temporarily set up organization. Before such a project commences, we should have carefully thought about:

  • scope – what should the precise results be, what are the short term, mid term and long term outcomes? (no fuzzy language allowed here!);
  • budget – the cost/results ratio should be positive in a reasonable period of time (usually <1 year);
  • timespan – it should provide output in the short term (quick wins) and longer term (king-size winds);
  • quality – how accurately do we expect to run the project in terms of reliability and repeatability? (phrase it in a way that allows objective checking of goal versus reality!);

and ways to effectively measure the above, so that a comparison can be made in terms of the goals set at one side, versus the results accomplished at the other side.

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