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MINCE Tower VI → Supporting Services

Tower VI, Supporting Services, is about the way the organization management, programmes, portfolio and projects in an organization are involved and supportive via the channel of the Supporting Services, facilitating and interconnecting them as in the adjecent illustration. As is shown in this figure, the Supporting Services do not just facilitate the tactical level.

the MINCE Best Practice Handbook

They are about the support provided with the agreement of the organization's management at the level of the projects, programmes, portfolio and that of the organization's line management. Supporting Services are provided by the group of employees dealing with project office, programme office and secretarial office tasks.

This Tower is placed at the bottom, because the fact that you are reading this text indicates, even if it only a minor factor, that you are indeed thinking about organizational maturity and its potential for improving you and your environment. Implicitly, your attention is already at the right spot.

The staff in any organization will not spontaneously start to move in a particular direction. The management team is the most important factor when implementing change. Improving the maturity level of an organization is an important and specific kind of change that should be triggered from “above”. Where improvements to the working environment can equally well be stimulated from “below”, this is different for MINCE.

The only ones able to preset the ambition level (the maturity level that is to be accomplished) are the management team. They should be unified about the:

  • fact that they want to improve the organization maturity;
  • level to be set as the goal ambition level;
  • quality constraints that influence the MINCE process;
  • budgettary boundaries that can be freed in order to obtain business benefits;
  • realistic timeframe to maintain in relation to the environment and competitors.

The management team should be aware of the fact that starting the MINCE maturity improvement process will require their continuous involvement. They ought to be prepared to provide the stimuli required in order to move obstructions and change them into opportunities. This may be easy in theory, but in practice it might prove difficult as it will require difficult decisions to be taken in terms of abandoning certain working methods that people have become accustomed to over time.

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