Uit MINCE Organizational Maturity Model
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Each of the six MINCE Towers represents crucial organizational aspects that correlate to organizational maturity.

Six MINCE Towers

In order to be able to get a clear look-out, any castle will have a couple of Towers, allowing for the inhabitants to check which threats or opportunities are approaching. The higher such a Tower, the higher the maturity level is, so consequently the higher the sooner anyone moving towards the castle and its contents will be noticed. A low Tower will be less beneficial in defending the castle's precious contents. A certain number of Towers will be necessary in order to have a proper view over the landscape into the fields beyond.

It should be clear now that the Towers are the main part of the MINCE construction work.

There are six of them and each one has a Roman number attached to it:

II–Methods & Techniques
VI–Supporting Services

These Towers determine the main aspects of organizations with regard to the maturity level. Each Tower has a connection to the environment via Criteria. The combination of Tower and Criteria reflects a certain level of maturity. So you'll obtain as many maturity levels with each Tower as there are Criteria. In effect there are five separated maturity levels with each.